[squeak-dev] gettext support?

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 13 16:06:37 UTC 2009

Michael Rueger wrote:
> Ian Trudel wrote:
>> Hello,
>> NaturalLanguageEditor has gettext export button, that does not work.
>> And no import feature? Is there anywhere to update the editor with
>> these features?
> We have extracted the gettext support and packaged it into MC packages:
> http://source.impara.de/aida/Multilingual-Editor-be.2.mcz
> http://source.impara.de/aida/System-Localization-be.3.mcz
> It might make sense to move them into a SqueakSource repository?
> Michael
Cool, lets have a packages definition that loads them.

ok... that took less than a minute. (I put them into Sake/Packages not
Universes (feeling lazy today))

review of latest changes to sake/packages & universes.

Updates: Rio, Nile, Omnibrowser, Logging, SqueakDBX, eCompletion

interesting additions!


    self name: 'CassandraClient'.
    self version: '1.0'.
    info category: 'Persistence'.


    self name: 'GemTools-Client'.
    self version: '0.345'.
    info category: 'Network'.
    info description:
'Installs GLASS client software. Provides development environment UI for
OmniBrowser-based tools running in a GemStone server.

Finally: I have learnt how to include files attached to Mantis bug
reports in Universes, see StreamsReadability for an example. This allows
packages in universes to call up bug fixes if they really have to.



p.s. there is a trivial error in the "Pier" entry version is set to


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