[squeak-dev] Re: ugg

Aidan Gauland wgsilkie at ihug.co.nz
Tue Jan 13 22:03:45 UTC 2009

John M McIntosh <johnmci <at> smalltalkconsulting.com> writes:

> Obviously figuring out what all this data means is a chore, so email  
> me not the list of a sample file where you have the problem with  
> playback. If you
> can determine the millisecond/second count where the problem occured  
> at, it would be helpful.

Thanks for the detailed reply!

It stutters with any long, CD-quality audio file; and it's not in the same
places every time.  I think that I should not try to use Squeak for playing CD
rips, unless there's a way to disable garbage collection (or at least minimize
it) while playing a file.


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