[squeak-dev] Re: ZipFile

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Jan 16 09:31:34 UTC 2009

On 16.01.2009, at 07:18, Andreas Raab wrote:

> Keith Hodges wrote:
>> I am using ZipArchive to create a zip file, but when I expand said  
>> zip
>> file the permissions of the top directory are:
>> drw-rw-rw  which isn't very helpful.
>> I am on Mac OS X 10.5.5, using the Mac VM 3.8.18Ubeta1U
>> any ideas?
> Perhaps umask? Squeak doesn't set the permissions explicitly so the  
> only thing I can imagine is that your unix umask isn't set  
> appropriately.

IIUC Keith creates the zip in Squeak and unzips using other tools.

You can set the permissions for each archive member. Here's some  
sample code from Etoys:

bundle: aFileName as: aBundleName title: aTitle version: aVersion id:  
aBundleID icon: anSVGIcon
	"Create a ZIP file named aBundleName-aVersion.xo containing
	| dir archive fileAttr execAttr dirAttr localFileName scriptName |
	fileAttr := 16r81A4.
	execAttr := 16r81ED.
	dirAttr := 16r41ED.
	dir := aBundleName, '.activity/'.
	localFileName := FileDirectory localNameFor: aFileName.
	scriptName := aBundleName, '.sh'.
	archive := ZipArchive new.
	#('' 'bin' 'activity' 'locale') do: [:dirName |
		(archive addDirectory: dir, dirName) unixFileAttributes: dirAttr].
	(archive addFile: aFileName as: dir, localFileName)  
unixFileAttributes: fileAttr.
	(archive addString: (self bundleScript: localFileName) as: dir,  
'bin/', scriptName) unixFileAttributes: execAttr.
	(archive addString: (self bundleInfoTitle: aTitle version: aVersion  
bundle: aBundleID script: scriptName icon: aBundleName, '-icon') as:  
dir, 'activity/activity.info') unixFileAttributes: fileAttr.
	(archive addString: self bundleIcon as: dir, 'activity/',  
aBundleName, '-icon.svg') unixFileAttributes: fileAttr.
	archive members do: [:m | m setLastModFileDateTimeFrom: Time  
	archive writeToFileNamed: aBundleName, '-', aVersion asString, '.xo'.
	archive close.

I don't quite remember how I came up with the constants ...

- Bert -

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