[squeak-dev] "position" or "location"?

Joshua Gargus schwa at fastmail.us
Sun Jan 18 02:45:15 UTC 2009

I don't know of any difference in the connotation of the two words,  
but "location" would probably sound a bit odd to anyone who spends a  
lot of time with graphics code.  If you want to also be explicit about  
an object's orientation, "translation" is also a synonym for position/ 
location that you might use.

You might also want to bug Dan Amelang from Viewpoints to see if he's  
recently written anything about Gezira (roughly speaking, a more  
advanced version of Cairo).


On Jan 17, 2009, at 6:37 PM, Michael van der Gulik wrote:

> Hi all.
> I'm (still) designing a new Canvas API (http://gulik.pbwiki.com/ 
> Canvas).
> When describing screen coordinates, which is a better term to use:  
> "location" or "position"? Is there a technical difference between  
> these words that I don't know about?
> Gulik.
> -- 
> http://people.squeakfoundation.org/person/mikevdg
> http://gulik.pbwiki.com/

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