[squeak-dev] Squeak leadership team meeting notes for 2009-01-21

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Wed Jan 21 20:00:56 UTC 2009


      The Squeak leadership team meets on first and third Wednesdays.
Please contact me, directly or in this thread, with questions about the
team or any of its meetings.

-    Attending on 2009-01-21 were Craig, Edgar, and Randal. Absent were
      Bert, Giovanni, Igor, and Yoshiki.

-    Craig recently reimbursed Squeak e.V. for past hosting bills, via
      Rita Freudenberg, their treasurer. Rita advises that doing business
      with Hetzner, the current provider, is too difficult to conduct
      from overseas (or even in a language other than German). She
      recommends that we switch providers.

      Craig asked the box team what they think of this, and also to get a
      summary of all ongoing bills we pay. Finally, Craig still has money
      left over from the ESUG's allocation to us, from when we were
      pursuing independent incorporation. Depending on who makes the
      simplest focal point for bill-paying, he'd like to transfer it.



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