[squeak-dev] [Offtopic] Self Language - selflanguage.org

Michael Haupt mhaupt at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 13:57:09 UTC 2009

Hi Russell,

On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 1:37 PM, Russell Allen <mail at russell-allen.com> wrote:
> Self is the canonical prototype based language within the Smalltalk family.
>  It is open source under a BSD-like licence and includes a fast VM and a
> development environment built on the original morphic GUI that Squeak's
> morphic is a descendent of.  Self is currently available for Sparc Solaris
> and MacOS X.

there is a Linux port; I don't know about the maintenance status
(latest updates are from 2007): http://gliebe.de/self/

> Although Self has been resting for a while (if not pining for the fjords),
> there is a new release with a Linux VM in the works and as a precurser to
> that there is a new website:
> http://selflanguage.org/

What about http://research.sun.com/self/, then? In spite of the Self
project's fate at Sun, that should still be the official site to link
to, right?

> Please check it and Self out - and please refer to this site in future when
> blogging etc so that it is easier to find Self material online.

I'm very interested in Self, and have been for some years. Could you
tell us some more about your background? Is this your private project
or have you taken over from Sun and Harald Gliebe officially? I.e., is
it *another* Self site, or *the* Self site?



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