[squeak-dev] Apology for offensive spam on annoncements list

Joerg Beekmann joerg at deepcovelabs.com
Sun Jan 25 21:04:42 UTC 2009

Hello Ken

Thank you for you efforts keeping the list running and no need to
apologize to us for the occasional spam that does get through. 

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I apologize for this coming through on the announcements mailing list.
I hope everyone realizes that I did not send this.  Several copies were
received purportedly 'from' various community members.  With the
announcements list I have had a policy of moderating all messages, even
those from subscribers.  But in the last year or so I had begun to
relaxen this somewhat by whitelisting anyone who sent messages
regularly, this included myself.  Clearly this was a mistake and I will
now remove myself and everyone else from the whitelist and I will have
to go back to moderating every single message.

Again, my apologies,

Ken Causey

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Subject: [Squeak Announcements] Obama -- The Judas Goat
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Obama -- The Judas Goat
By David Duke

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