[squeak-dev] Apology for offensive spam on annoncements list

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Mon Jan 26 09:45:02 UTC 2009

Rob Rothwell pravi:
> +1
> Any way to just block the current offender and not change to constant
> monitoring?  This is the first time I have seen something like this in
> years, so maybe it just isn't that big of a deal right now...

Problem is that the offender impersonated regularly subscribed guys in
his spam, so he didn't need even to subscribe to the list.

For this he needed to find the e-mails of our guys. I suspect that he
found their e-mails from list archives. Default Mailman list archives
namely contain e-mail addresses while archives like Nabble not.

One of solution is therefore to switch off Mailman archives and use
Nabble and similar only.


> Rob
> On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 4:04 PM, Joerg Beekmann <joerg at deepcovelabs.com
> <mailto:joerg at deepcovelabs.com>> wrote:
>     Hello Ken
>     Thank you for you efforts keeping the list running and no need to
>     apologize to us for the occasional spam that does get through.
>     Joerg
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>     Subject: [squeak-dev] Apology for offensive spam on annoncements list
>     I apologize for this coming through on the announcements mailing list.
>     I hope everyone realizes that I did not send this.  Several copies were
>     received purportedly 'from' various community members.  With the
>     announcements list I have had a policy of moderating all messages, even
>     those from subscribers.  But in the last year or so I had begun to
>     relaxen this somewhat by whitelisting anyone who sent messages
>     regularly, this included myself.  Clearly this was a mistake and I will
>     now remove myself and everyone else from the whitelist and I will have
>     to go back to moderating every single message.
>     Again, my apologies,
>     Ken Causey
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>     Subject: [Squeak Announcements] Obama -- The Judas Goat
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>     Obama -- The Judas Goat
>     1/25/2009
>     By David Duke
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