[squeak-dev] mailing list VS semantic desktop

muyuubyou muyuubyou at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 12:28:42 UTC 2009

I think this switch would be a bit too radical when we haven't even
made it to "forums" yet ;)

Mr. Fernhout, your proposal is extremely interesting and I'm looking
at it right now.

I wonder how hard would it be to integrate with the mailing list, to
have a number of monthly, weekly or daily abridges messages explaining
the changes in the semantic desktop (or even in the forums!) with
different levels of detail.

Squeak is difficult to follow like this. I've been in this ML for
years and I barely participate because I'm always afraid I'm going to
repeat a topic or spam people with a largely uninteresting topic. In
other words, I know it's intrusive to get into people's mailboxes
which is why more often than not I just shut up.

Please, let's have some less intrusive system to participate. I always
wanted to discuss traits yes or no, Nile, the future VM, ... and never
did because I know here there are many "giants" that I cannot bother
with my opinion.

  Ignacio S.

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