[squeak-dev] GLORP's port to squeak maintainer

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 20:55:51 UTC 2009

Hi people: We (squeakDBX) wanted to do some changes to the squeak part of
GLORP in order to be able to communicate to any database driver and not only
PostgreSQL one. I asked Alan Night and he told me that there are two

1) There are old versions of GLORP in squeaksource and universe.
2) We don't have no one who is responsible about GLORP port to squeak.
Norbert Hartl seems not to have the time. Is this right Norbert ?

1) In squeaksource, the last version is 0.4.176 done in 2007-12-07.
in universe, the last version is 0.4.169 announced by Norbert Hartl.

GLORP change the version scheme and the last one in the old scheme was
0.4.185 (that it is also newer that the ones we have in squeak).

The latest version in the public repository of Cincom is 7.7 - 40 (in the
new scheme).

So, the million dollar question is, is there someone with the time and
knoweldege to take this rol ?

Please, reply to all not only to squeak-dev.


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