[squeak-dev] Time zone help

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sun May 31 18:02:43 UTC 2009

On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 11:48:14AM -0400, C. David Shaffer wrote:
> >  
> Thanks for the patch.  It is definitely not Gentoo-specific.  To make 
> sure I downloaded the Olson database (Gentoo uses tzdata-2009c currenly, 
> although I see newer versions).  I downloaded tzcode-2009b, compiled the 
> code, used it to build a zoneinfo database and the New_York file 
> produced from this is exactly the same as the one I have in my system.  
> What version of zic are you using?  Which data set?

I have added support for the new version 2 tzinfo files that are distributed
with your Gentoo system. The update is on SqueakSource at

    Name: Time-dtl.28
    Author: dtl
    Time: 31 May 2009, 1:50:19 pm
    UUID: dcd6f516-8303-4d0d-a842-4d34ec8398f4
    Ancestors: Time-dtl.27
    TimeZoneDatabase version 1.3
    Add support for version 2 tzinfo files. A TimeZoneRuleSet created from a
    version 2 tzinfo file has time values supplied from 64 bit data fields,
    and has a posixTzEnvString instance variable intended for use in handling
    instants after the last transition time stored in the tzinfo file (provided
    here for informational purposes only).

> With your patch and the attached patch which I had to add in order to 
> ignore some time zones that caused other problems.  I can't recall which 
> ones they were but I know I don't need them :-)

Hopefully all of your system tzinfo files will load properly now. If you can
confirm this on your Gentoo system, I'd appreciate it.

Note, I have not yet updated the broken sunit tests discussed previously.

- Dave

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