[squeak-dev] SPiCE source code

Rick Hedin cubsno1 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 17:38:47 UTC 2010

I'm a new Squeaker, so I don't know if people even say "source code."

I'm making an editor with some new features I like.  I'm making it in
Squeak.  That seems to be going well, but after I'm finished, as well as
running standalone, I'd like it to run integrated with such environments as
MIcrosoft's Visual Studio.

Microsoft's stuff expects a C dll.  I'd like to translate my Smalltalk
program into C.

SPiCE seems to be the ideal thing.  It expresses a good part of the
Smalltalk environment in C, which is a tough bullet to bite, but once it's
bitten, almost all of one's Smalltalk program can be expressed in C without
change.  The implementation seems to be pretty complete, based on Kazuki
Yasumatsu's paper.

Is this facility available somewhere for me to use?

Thanks for any help.



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