[squeak-dev] Re: Using WebClient

Germán Arduino garduino at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 15:43:07 UTC 2010

Hi People:

I was playing a bit with this stuff and reading the RFC
(http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc1341/7_2_Multipart.html) I managed the
way to upload a file using a POST method that requires

My method is:

httpPost: urlString fileToUpload: aFile

	"Example POST method to upload a file (text/plain) over a multipart
form on the example url http://cgi-lib.berkeley.edu/ex/fup.cgi"
	"See also: http://cgi-lib.berkeley.edu/ex/fup.html and more details
about multipart/form-data variations on:
http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc1341/7_2_Multipart.html "
	"aFile is a common ascii file"

	| boundaryChar idBoundary boundary postData file contentType |
	boundaryChar := '---------------------------'.
	idBoundary := self createIdBoundary.
	boundary := boundaryChar, idBoundary.

	contentType := 'multipart/form-data; boundary=', boundary.

	file := CrLfFileStream readOnlyFileNamed: aFile.	
	postData := '--', boundary, String crlf,
	'Content-Disposition: form-data; name="upfile"; filename="', aFile,
'" Content-Type: text/plain', String crlf, String crlf,
	file contents, String crlf,
	'--', boundary, String crlf,
	'Content-Disposition: form-data; name="note"', String crlf, String crlf,
	'Smalltalk Upload Test File', String crlf,
	'--', boundary, '--', String crlf.
	^self httpPost: urlString content: postData type: contentType do:[:req]

#createIdBundary return a value to use as idBoundary.

And this method may be called as:

(WebClient new httpPost: 'http://cgi-lib.berkeley.edu/ex/fup.cgi'
fileToUpload: 'test.txt') getContent

The drawback is that I can't imagine a solution to anything because
each form may be different and with different fields and names.

I used Firebug to understand how was the post to this site (and any
other) and then build the multipart data accordingly.


2010/6/2 Germán Arduino <garduino at gmail.com>:
> Unfortunately the customer cancelled the project (He selected an
> automation solution
> using ActiveX, but automating the IE. My proposal was talking directly with the
> http server and make a service and so, but well....are the business :) ).
> Anyway I got very interested by this topic and will try to give a try
> to the implementation
> of the post method using multipart boundaries when time permit (This
> topic is already on
> my near-to-infinite-todo list).
> Cheers.
> Germán.
> 2010/6/2 Germán Arduino <garduino at gmail.com>:
>> Hi Andreas:
>> Thanks by the comments.
>> I will continue with the multipart stuff, because this may become a
>> payed work for a local customer.
>> Indeed I could do the job with other tools but in most of cases that
>> means install a gazillion of different pieces of software of third
>> parts that are complex to make work. I prefer to develop my own
>> solution, even with a bit more of work, but completeley Smalltalk.
>> Then I can deploy on the customer a self containded service that I can
>> extend as the customer need.
>> I'm now reading about multipart/form-data enctype and will try to
>> develop this feature for WebClient (if the customer don't cancel the
>> project).
>> Will send the news.
>> Cheers.
>> Germán.

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