[squeak-dev] Teleplace Cog VMs are now available

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Mon Jun 21 18:29:17 UTC 2010

Hi Eliot,

Eliot Miranda wrote:
> Hi All,
> it gives me great pleasure to announce that the Teleplace Cog VMs are 
> now available.  Huge thanks to all at Teleplace who have given me the 
> opportunity to build Cog and release it as open source, been willing 
> guinea pigs braving its bugs, and providing indispensable 
> participation in getting Cog to its current state.  Huge thanks are 
> also due to the original Back To The Future team whose VMMaker Cog 
> extends to write the VM, and to Peter Deutsch from whom I've taken 
> many ideas.

This is wonderful news! Thank you, Andreas, and all the people at 
Teleplace who made this possible!

I tried to run Cuis on the Windows VM Andreas did, and I'm having 
trouble. I did as follows:

1) Start Cuis 2.4 with the Closure VM
2) Install the attached changeset (made after your post and the tweaks
3) Exit saving the image
4) Start it with the Cog VM

When starting, it does an invalid memory access, and terminates without 
any error message or log. I guess I'd need to setup a VM building and 
debugging environment, etc, and learn quite a bit to fix this myself. I 
guess it would take you minutes to spot this, compared with the days I'd 
need to spend... I'd very much appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Juan Vuletich
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