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Thanks for your response: i appreciate it - as well as everyone else who helped me with this issue :) 

and thanks for confiming that there may still be a bug ... 


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2010/6/25 Vaidotas Didžbalis <vaidasd at gmail.com>

> ...i cannot find how to make cog update from TRUNK: the BUTTONS do not work in the preferences...
>yes, save button do not work in 4.1. One must use Alt+s to save changed field.

There is no need to press Alt-S in a changed field, the Enter-Key just works fine. You don't need to click on any save button to make the changes in the preferences work. The save/load buttons just save/load the current state of the Preferences to memory/file. There seems to be still a bug, so that saving to memory won't work.



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