[squeak-dev] stream>>#nextPutAll:changed toreturn collectioninsteadof the stream?

C. David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Mon Jun 28 17:41:41 UTC 2010

On 06/28/10 04:20, Rob Withers wrote:
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> toreturncollectioninsteadofthe stream?
>>> That's awesome to hear!  What are you doing with it?  Squeak to squeak
>>> or squeak to the world?  What kind of application?  Please tell me
>>> about it!
>> We talk to Google Docs via the various APIs (DocumentsList, Spreadsheets
>> and a couple others) over https.  I believe that my AmazonAWS code also
>> uses https.  For a while we were also talking to an IBM Jazz server over
>> SSL but that project was put on the back burner.  I have a custom
> OH!  It seems your response got cutoff...   Sounds exciting, what you
> have written.  Which image?  Croquet, Pharo?
Oops, I think I meant to mention a "SSLSocketStream" wrapper but I
forgot to finish the e-mail.  Basically I wrap the HTTP or HTTPS socket
in a stream which is either a SocketStream or an SSLSocketStream.  That
way I don't need to worry about what kind of socket I'm interacting
with.  Or, maybe I was going to mention that I have my own HTTP/S client
library as well.  I'd like to see both of these make their way into the
community if my employer is willing.

For this work I've been using Squeak (3.9 most recently but now I'm
moving to 4.1).


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