[squeak-dev] something we lost with events [was Optimizing RunArray]

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 01:00:56 UTC 2011

I've got the feeling that we've lost one feature:

When you're typing super fast, characters would be inserted several at
once in a st80 ParagraphEditor
That typically happens when the displaying or more probably the
paragraph re-composition is slow.
The composition/display cycle would occur after first key - giving the
impression of a non responsive UI - but then consecutive key strokes
would flow all in once thanks to the while loops in #readKeyboard and
the buffered Queue of events.

Not the most interactive UI ever, but now things are worse with
current event implementation.
There is a one by one keystroke / composition / display, and the
result is a less responsive UI than polling !
If you edit a Smalltalk method, no problem, but try editing your 45
MByte change log just to see how deadly it feels, super fast means 0.2
Hz on my machine.

I wonder how we could restore this feature...


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