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Wed Aug 3 22:29:42 UTC 2011

Nicolas Cellier uploaded a new version of ST80 to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: ST80-nice.133
Author: nice
Time: 4 August 2011, 12:29:20.301 am
UUID: 131f6f9d-ff5a-4cab-871e-6a3ec6a8d78b
Ancestors: ST80-nice.132

Always try to logDebuggerStackToFile first if Preferences is enabled, and discard Errors occuring in this phase.

That can help debugging the emergency situations when the debugger fail to open itself. ESPECIALLY IN MVC CASE...

=============== Diff against ST80-nice.132 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Debugger class>>mvcOpenOn:context:label:contents:fullView: (in category '*ST80-opening') -----
  mvcOpenOn: process context: context label: title contents: contentsStringOrNil fullView: bool
  	"Open a notifier in response to an error, halt, or notify. A notifier view just shows a short view of the sender stack and provides a menu that lets the user open a full debugger."
  	| controller debugger |
  	controller := ScheduledControllers activeControllerProcess == process
  				ifTrue: [ScheduledControllers activeController].
+ 	[Preferences logDebuggerStackToFile
+ 		ifTrue: [Smalltalk logSqueakError: title inContext: context]] on: Error do: [:ex | ex return: nil].
  	[debugger := self new
  				process: process
  				controller: controller
  				context: context.
  		ifTrue: [debugger openFullNoSuspendLabel: title]
  		ifFalse: [debugger openNotifierContents: contentsStringOrNil label: title].
- 	Preferences logDebuggerStackToFile
- 		ifTrue: [Smalltalk logSqueakError: title inContext: context]
  	] on: Error do: [:ex |
  			self primitiveError: 'Original error: ' , title asString , '.
  			Debugger error: ' , ([ex description]
  							on: Error
  							do: ['a ' , ex class printString]) , ':'].
  	process suspend!

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