[squeak-dev] The shiftEnclose: horror show

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 08:15:55 UTC 2011

I'm typing this message on a mac French keyboard.
That means I can obtain the holy brackets [ | ] only through weird
keystroke combinations
| = shit+option+L
[ = shift+option+( where shift+5 is (

Enclosing a text in square brackets would require some finger torture
both in Squeak/Pharo
But this does not work because of #shiftEnclose: rules encountered in
(found both ParagraphEditor class and TextEditor class)

	"Note: Command key overrides shift key, so, for example, cmd-shift-9
produces $9 not $("
	'9[,''' do: [ :char | cmdMap at: (char asciiValue + 1) put:
#shiftEnclose: ].	"({< and double-quote"
	"Note: Must use cmd-9 or ctrl-9 to get '()' since cmd-shift-9 is a
Mac FKey command."

shiftEnclose: is badly designed because it does hardcode the keyboard
layout (see below).
This is not compatible with modern VMs, at least the mac ones, because
they deliver a unicode codePoint for $[ or $|, not a raw keycode.
It's easy to remove this anachronism and correct the mapping:

	"On some keyboards, these characters require a shift"
	'([<{|"''' do: [:char | cmdMap at: char asciiValue + 1 put: #enclose:].

To avoid pushing a mac-centric change in trunk, I need to know if the
Linux/Windows VM would support above modification.
Can anyone check for me ?


Example of hardcoded keyboard layout:
TextEditor>>shiftEnclose: aKeyboardEvent
	"Insert or remove bracket characters around the current selection.
	 Flushes typeahead."

	| char left right startIndex stopIndex oldSelection which text |
	char := aKeyboardEvent keyCharacter.
	char = $9 ifTrue: [ char := $( ].
	char = $, ifTrue: [ char := $< ].
	char = $[ ifTrue: [ char := ${ ].
	char = $' ifTrue: [ char := $" ].
	char asciiValue = 27 ifTrue: [ char := ${ ].	"ctrl-["

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