[squeak-dev] small fix to help newbies

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Mon Aug 8 02:42:33 UTC 2011

Hi folks,

I'm sending this email to both Squeak-dev and Pharo-project as you can see.
This is to suggest a fix.

I typed this on a workspace:

closure := [:x | Transcript show: x].
closure value: "hey".

And when I "did it", the VM had me looking at this:

closure := [:x | Transcript show: x].
closure value: "hey". Argument expected ->

Which is cryptic at best for a newbie.
I visited #squeak at irc.freenode.net and asked there.
Ken Causey helped me out and even he missed the difference between "" and ''
for a second.
I believe it would be beneficial to newbies to have this enhanced somehow,
to point
out the fact that strings aren't double-quoted.


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