[squeak-dev] Bug in Number parsing?

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 23:36:17 UTC 2011

This was changed in:

The Trunk: Compiler-nice.125.mcz
The Trunk: Kernel-nice.404.mcz

The rationale is that (Number readFrom: ) is a very poor way to report
a syntax error in the number.
SqNumberParser can do much better when invoked with ad hoc API.

This release the necessity for Number>>readFrom: to strictly adhere to
Smalltalk syntax (which it did not since it also interprets infinity
and nan).


2011/8/12 Nicolas Cellier <nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com>:
> Yes, in Squeak this behavior is obtained with the ExtendedNumberParser.
> You can read these floats for example:
> 1.
> 1.e+30
> .1
> -.1e+30
> Though, in Smalltalk source code, the SqNumberParser is used and you can't.
> Nicolas
> 2011/8/12 Frank Shearar <frank.shearar at gmail.com>:
>> Hi,
>> While playing around, I've found that Number readFrom: '1.' returns
>> 1.0 ... I'd expected a 1.
>> Is this expected behaviour?
>> frank

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