[squeak-dev] SqueakSource.com package import problem

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Mon Aug 22 15:25:34 UTC 2011

I'm having trouble importing package versions on SqueakSource.com today.

Yesterday I created a project called GraphingService and configured it
and uploaded 2 package versions.  Today I checked to find that the
project had disappeared.  The result of a crash I suppose, annoying

So today I am recreating the project and it seems to go fine up until I
try to re-import the packages.  When I try to do so it complains that
there was a problem and specifically that the file I uploaded is not in
mcz format.  However first of all these are the exact same files I
uploaded find yesterday and also I can open them just fine locally and
Monticello seems to be fine with them.

Note that this are files I uploaded yesterday.  Given the little I know
about SqueakSource I suspect that the old files are still in the
filesystem and I wonder if they are not somehow interfering with this



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