[squeak-dev] doubleClick-event without a click-Event?

r2ruyu-nana at yahoo.de r2ruyu-nana at yahoo.de
Wed Aug 31 09:38:54 UTC 2011


Is it possible to get doubleClick-event without a click-event before?


	m := Morph new.
	m on: #mouseUp send: #value to: [ Transcript show: 'click'; cr. ].
	m on: #doubleClick send: #value to: [ Transcript show: 'doubleClick'; cr. 
	m openInWorld.

DoubleClick this morph and you get the following output:


I expected not to get the click event if a doubleClick is detected...

I tried it also via subclassing, implementing mouseDown: with "evt hand 
waitForClicksOrDrag: self event: evt"...but it leads to the same behaviour.

Any hints on this?

Best regards,
 r2ruyu-nana :)

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