[squeak-dev] Change in LazyListMorph breaks MulticolumnLazyListMorph.

Christopher Oliver current.input.port at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 22:42:06 UTC 2011

Change Morphic-cmm.523 as merged in Morphic-ul.524 breaks MulticolumnLazyListMorph.  The
rows for a McLLM are arrays of strings, and because LazyListMorph, as it is now, converts
these to strings, McLLM>>drawOn: dies with non-indexable.  I.e. first index gets the
character $# (the start of an array literal), and then deeper, we try to index it again.
Ugh!  Should McLLM just do its own thing, and not subclass LLM, or should we roll back
Muller's change on LLM?


Christopher Oliver <current.input.port at gmail.com>

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