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Sat Jul 16 23:55:06 UTC 2011

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: ToolsTests-ul.50
Ancestors: ToolsTests-btc.49

#shouldnt:raise:'s first argument should be a block in OrderedCollectionInspectorTest >> #testUninitialized



Name: ToolsTests-btc.49
Ancestors: ToolsTests-fbs.48

Single stepping through a debugger can observe an inconsistent state after object creation but before initiialisation.  Thus 'object size' may throw an axception for trying to do arithmetic on nil.  Modified OrderedCollectionInspector>>fieldList to call 'self objectSize' to handle this exception. This tests that fix.



Name: Tools-btc.368
Ancestors: Tools-btc.367

Single stepping through a debugger might observe the state of an OrderedCollection instance after creation by basicNew but before initiialisation.  Thus 'object size' throws a DNU error for arithmetic on a nil value that needs to be handled.



Name: Tools-btc.367
Ancestors: Tools-bf.366

Single stepping through debugger can observe an anOrderedCollection object in an inconsistent state after creation but before initialisation.  This threw an error when the inspector asked for the size of the object - now handled.



Name: System-ul.448
Ancestors: System-bf.447

Added accessors for #maxExternalSemaphores.



Name: Files-ul.111
Ancestors: Files-ul.110

- FileStream class >> #detectFile:do: can accept a FileStream as it's first argument
- pass FileStreams instead of blocks to #detectFile:do:


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