[squeak-dev] Request for adive on Profile

Derek O'Connell doc at doconnel.f9.co.uk
Fri Jul 22 16:30:29 UTC 2011

Hi Hilaire,

it would be better to post the results as text if possible and the 
equivalent from running on a desktop for comparison. Also what is the 
problem, slow/ jerky display updates?

No ipads here and I'm not familiar with DrGeo but the procedure for 
interpreting the results would be the same regardless, ie, to see which 
chunk is taking the most time *where* it is possible to make some 
savings. Before that though someone else might like to chip in and 
remind me if the total 21.5 + 5.1 + 3.5 = 30.1% reflects total CPU time 
that Squeak is getting. If so then that would definitely be worth 
looking into. Other than that one thing that jumps out is 
WorldState>>interCyclePause: and I wonder if you have 
"higherPerformance" preference set? Setting that preference would effect 
battery life but maybe it could be selectively set, eg, while dragging?



On 22/07/11 15:07, Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
>  Hello,
>  I have produced a profile with DrGeo on the iPad in an interactive
>  session where the user selects and moves math geometric items
>  around. Underneath the dependees math item are updated and redrawn.
>  The redraw is done so only morphs needing update are declared as
>  changed.
>  The time profile occurs for about 15s, but yet I don't understand
>  from the profile where are spent the cpu cycles. Any tips to read
>  and understand is appreciated
>  Enclosed: two captures of the resulting profile.
>  Hilaire

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