[squeak-dev] Re: [vwnc] ESUG 2011 Call for Contributions

Niall Ross niallfr at btinternet.com
Wed Mar 2 12:21:08 UTC 2011

>>19th International Smalltalk Joint Conference - Call for Contributions
>>		Edinburgh, England
That's, ah, Edinburgh, _Scotland_,  actually - or Edinburgh, United 
Kingdom, or Edinburgh, Great Britain, or Edinburgh, Albion, or 
Edinburgh, Britannia, or ....

Saying 'England' for 'Britain' abroad is quite usual but saying 
'Edinburgh, _England_' is not quite geographically accurate - and may 
draw the occasional comment from the natives :-)

>>Please distribute widely
Please correct the above line _before_ distributing widely.

          Yours faithfully
                Niall Ross

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