[squeak-dev] Small image based on Cuis

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Fri Mar 4 23:48:26 UTC 2011

Hi Folks,

Today I remembered that at Smalltalks 2010, Edgar asked me how small I 
could make a Cuis image. I said it wasn't hard to go to about 2Mb with 
full dev tools. I just gave it a try, using a bit of manual cleanup, and 
a script to remove unused classes and methods. I also removed some fonts 
and lowered their quality. The result is 2Mb in size, and it is at 
http://www.jvuletich.org/Cuis/Cuis3.1r3.zip . It uses the same code base 
as Cuis 3.1, so except for the fonts, the look & feel is quite nice. Try it!

Juan Vuletich

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