[squeak-dev] [Ann] Cuis 3.1 is available

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Sun Mar 6 17:27:57 UTC 2011

Hi Robin,

Robin gmail wrote:
> First time ive looked at Cuis, very impressive, feels fast.
> I did notice a small hiccup.
> Using cogwin 2361 or SqueakVM-Win32-3.11.5.
> With Cuis 3.1-0850
> Im on Windows 7 64bit Operating System in case it matters.
> Launch Dual Change Sorter and you cannot click on the 'x' or the '-' 
> button int the title bar both of those buttons when clicked behave 
> exactly the same as the normal title bar area they pick up the window 
> for dragging.  NOTE: the '+' and 'inverted triangle' buttons are ok.
> Simple Change Sorter does not exhibit this behaviour and so far 
> nothing else has either.
> Cheers,
> Rob.

Thanks for the report. Indeed a bug. I'll publish a few change sets to 
address all the bug reports I got for Cuis 3.1 in a few days.

Juan Vuletich

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