Cuis runs on my XO!!! (was Re: [squeak-dev] COG VM for XO)

Juan Vuletich juan at
Tue Mar 8 02:35:08 UTC 2011

Hi Hilaire!

It works! Thank you!

It took me more time than I expected... DrGeoII-11.03.xo failed to run 
on my XO. I had never updated its software, it was at #656, v. 7.1.2. I 
tried updating it (firmware, OS, everything) to 10.1.3. Then 
DrGeoII-11.03 started to work. For some unknown reason, when building 
the bundle with Winzip on Windows, the modified bundle would install but 
not run. So I reinstalled your original bundle, and copied my 
image/changes/sources to /home/olpc/Activities/DrGeoII.activity/drgeo/ 
naming them drgeo.image, drgeo.changes and CuisV3.sources. Started the 
DrGeoII activity and Cuis ran correctly.

These steps could be useful for others, I believe they should work with 
any Squeak or Pharo closures image.

TinyBenchmarks report 6.2MSends/sec and 37MBytecodes/sec. A great 
speedup over the VM bundled with Etoys (in the original firmware, around 
2006 or 2007).

Some things feel just a bit slow, but it is perfectly usable.

Wish list: Big cursor seems to fail. This is rather important on the XO 
due to the very high dpi screen.

Again, thank you!

Juan Vuletich

Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
> For quick test, you may want to fetch this bundle and replace the
> drgeo.image with your own and rezip it
> For installation/deinstallation of XO bundle:
> Now, Eliot I really mean to get the locale working with XO COG VM, but
> it is a hudge distracting job for me. Not only volunteer on developing
> DrGeo, but also I have to take care of infrastructures (vm, locale),
> this is just too much.
> The people developing interactive geometry software with JAVA does not
> have to take care of that infrastructure aspect.
> Hilaire

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