[Pharo-project] Fwd: [squeak-dev] Re: SqueakSource down... again

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Tue Mar 15 10:00:48 UTC 2011

Dear anyone who wants to try

Am 2011-03-15 um 08:05 schrieb Stéphane Ducasse:
> It would be nice if somebody would give a try to install this version of squeaksource
> Stef
>> For SqueakSource with a GemStone-Backend,
>> look at: http://seaside.gemstone.com/ss/ss2.html
>> IIRC, I used ConfigurationOfGsSqueakSource-DaleHenrichs.8.mcz
>> to Load it into my Gemstone 2.3.
>> Please Note, this is tested only for
>> • GemStone 2.3
>> • Seaside 2.8
>> • Magritte (1)
>> And Email-support is not working at all. 
>> Furthermore, Migrating from a “Normal” squeaksource with
>> file-based storage requires some administrative effort.

Additionally to the restrictions I gave, I will not put much effort 
into SqueakSource2, but rather:

>> Nevertheless, I am working on an improved version,
>> that shall work with Seaside3.0/Magritte2 on Gemstone 3 (or even 4)
>> Email-Support will be back then and I heavily focus on migration.
>> However, this code is all untested and I don't expect it to 
>> be any usable before April, if not May.

I just have a very early version sent to
a few developers. I will proceed with this SqueakSource3 as soon as possible.

It would be nice if someone volunteered to do an “interface lifting”
(i.e., UI refreshing) for Squeaksource :)

So Long

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