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Wed Mar 16 09:26:17 UTC 2011

A new version of Tools was added to project The Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Tools-fbs.314
Author: fbs
Time: 16 March 2011, 7:24:14.267 am
UUID: 10ebbe1f-66ea-914d-86b5-ea07496aa495
Ancestors: Tools-fbs.313

More classListIndex removals. Note that CodeHolder>>spawnHierarchy now returns the newly-created browser. This is so the relevant test can close the browser afterwards.

=============== Diff against Tools-fbs.313 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: CodeHolder>>spawnHierarchy (in category 'traits') -----
  	"Create and schedule a new hierarchy browser on the currently selected class or meta."
  	| newBrowser aSymbol aBehavior messageCatIndex selectedClassOrMetaClass |
  	(selectedClassOrMetaClass := self selectedClassOrMetaClass)
  		ifNil: [^ self].
  	selectedClassOrMetaClass isTrait ifTrue: [^self].
  	newBrowser := HierarchyBrowser new initHierarchyForClass: selectedClassOrMetaClass.
  	((aSymbol := self selectedMessageName) notNil and: [(MessageSet isPseudoSelector: aSymbol) not])
  			[aBehavior := selectedClassOrMetaClass.
  			messageCatIndex := aBehavior organization numberOfCategoryOfElement: aSymbol.
  			newBrowser messageCategoryListIndex: messageCatIndex + 1.
  			newBrowser messageListIndex:
  				((aBehavior organization listAtCategoryNumber: messageCatIndex) indexOf: aSymbol)].
  		openBrowserView: (newBrowser openSystemCatEditString: nil)
  		label: newBrowser labelString.
  	Smalltalk isMorphic
  		ifTrue: ["this workaround only needed in morphic"
+ 			newBrowser assureSelectionsShow].
+ 	^ newBrowser.!
- 			newBrowser assureSelectionsShow]!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: FileContentsBrowser>>changeMessageCategories: (in category 'other') -----
  changeMessageCategories: aString 
  	"The characters in aString represent an edited version of the the message 
  	categories for the selected class. Update this information in the system 
  	and inform any dependents that the categories have been changed. This 
  	message is invoked because the user had issued the categories command 
  	and edited the message categories. Then the user issued the accept 
  	self classOrMetaClassOrganizer changeFromString: aString.
  	self unlock.
  	self editClass.
+ 	self selectClassNamed: selectedClassName.
- 	self classListIndex: classListIndex.
  	^ true!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: HierarchyBrowser>>assureSelectionsShow (in category 'class list') -----
  	"This is a workaround for the fact that a hierarchy browser, when launched, often does not show the selected class"
  	| saveCatIndex saveMsgIndex |
  	saveCatIndex := messageCategoryListIndex.
  	saveMsgIndex := messageListIndex.
+ 	self selectClassNamed: selectedClassName.
- 	self classListIndex: classListIndex.
  	self messageCategoryListIndex: saveCatIndex.
  	self messageListIndex: saveMsgIndex!

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