[squeak-dev] Trunk update continuity restored

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Wed Mar 16 20:25:25 UTC 2011

On Wed, 16 Mar 2011, Chris Muller wrote:

> Whew, I think continuous updating from 4.2 has now been fixed.
> Sorry for the inconvenience and please let me know if you have any
> further issues.

It's an ugly hack IMHO, but it works. I hope we won't have to use it 

But the update process is still broken. If you update your image and 
there's a new configuration map defined, then packages newer than those 
defined in the last configuration map are not loaded. You have to update 
your image again to make that happen.
Also the mcd files don't appear in the package cache (like 
Tests-cmm.177(nice.155).mcd), but full mczs do, which shouldn't, like 


> - Chris

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