Separate TeaTime (was Re: [squeak-dev] Re: Teleplace is hiring...)

Ken G. Brown kbrown at
Thu Mar 17 18:39:52 UTC 2011

In the Extending the System Workspace, Matthew already put the following:

"Open Cobalt: (Best to run this from an image in an open cobalt directory)"
Installer ss project: 'TweakCore'; install: 'update'.
[Installer ss project: 'TweakExtras'; install: 'update']
	on: (Smalltalk at: #CUnsynchronizedModification) do: [:ex | ex resume].
Installer cobalt project: 'Tweak';
	answer: 'Would you like to conserve memory at all costs?' with: true;
	answer: 'Password for interactive VNC connections?' with: 'cobalt';
	answer: 'Would you like to add the RFBServer to the World open menu?' with: true;
	install: 'update'


At 10:59 AM -0700 3/17/11, Lawson English apparently wrote:
>The biggest holdup for getting these things into the Squeak trunk is simply getting Cobalt itself into the Squeak trunk so it can run on VM 4.2. If anyone wants to help Matt with THAT project, I'm pretty sure he will be happy for the assist.
>By the way, running Cobalt on Cog shows off the speedup from Cog better than you might imagine.
>On 3/17/11 8:23 AM, Frank Shearar wrote:
>>On 2011/03/17 14:52, Matthew Fulmer wrote:
>>>On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 10:36:25AM -0400, Tony Garnock-Jones wrote:
>>>>On 2011-03-17 6:05 AM, Frank Shearar wrote:
>>>>>Summary: Mike Hales ported TeaTime to VisualWorks.
>>>>Neat! The article you linked to didn't have much in the way of links; do
>>>>you know if the code is available? Perhaps a port back to Squeak would
>>>>be possible.
>>I had a look and came up blank, unfortunately.
>>>Teatime is already in squeak though; We'll get to packaging it
>>>seperately from cobalt in a month or two
>>Yes. I've mentioned on the list before (in this thread, a while back) that I made an attempt at pulling Islands out of Croquet before running into a wall. I was going to try unpackage TeaTime after Islands, but it's tricky pulling things out of images.
>>I'm glad to hear that Cobalt's going to package up TeaTime!

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