[Vm-dev] Re: [squeak-dev] a tiny bit of lag on squeak.org for good reason

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Fri Mar 18 09:07:53 UTC 2011

>>>>> "radoslav" == radoslav hodnicak <rh at 4096.sk> writes:

radoslav> Finally, if the Squeak services infrastructure moves to Freebsd I'm
radoslav> willing to donate time to help out with the setup and running it. I
radoslav> have a bunch of servers at Hetzner and very positive experience with
radoslav> them and freebsd - how can linux admins live without jails?

Thank you!

radoslav> I'd argue for renting another machine from them instead of a
radoslav> VPS - why pay more for less? The current Hetzner servers (EQ
radoslav> line) start at quadcore cpu/8gigs of RAM for 49
radoslav> euro/month. How much would you pay to get that virtualized?
radoslav> Especially the memory tends to be a problem with smalltalks
radoslav> and VPSs.

Take a look at the prices at arpnetworks.com/vps.  I'm also able to
negotiate some discount over that in exchange for publicity.  And I'd
rather have a VPS than a hard machine... if one machine goes down, it's
up to me to migrate, and immediately.  If a VPS host goes down, the
hoster has an obligation to launch my VPS on another box.  Just one more
way to keep a good SLA.

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