[squeak-dev] Prebuilt windows VM

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Mon Mar 21 04:33:47 UTC 2011


I built a new SqueakVM (interpreter) for windows from recent sources 
(rev 2358 + stdio patches, VMMaker-dtl.221).
It contains the following enhancements:
- stdio support
- new finalization mechanism
- fixed string primitives
- ability to open images saved with Cog VMs
- etc

Note that this is not a release, just a snapshot made by me. It's 
available here:


Besides the usual plugin set, it also contains the plugins from the 
CryptographyPlugins package.

Internal plugins:
ADPCMCodecPlugin AsynchFilePlugin B3DAcceleratorPlugin B3DEnginePlugin 
BMPReadWriterPlugin BalloonEnginePlugin BitBltSimulation CroquetPlugin 
DSAPlugin DeflatePlugin DropPlugin FFTPlugin FilePlugin FloatArrayPlugin 
FloatMathPlugin GeniePlugin HostWindowPlugin JPEGReadWriter2Plugin 
JPEGReaderPlugin JoystickTabletPlugin KlattSynthesizerPlugin 
LargeIntegersPlugin LocalePlugin MIDIPlugin Matrix2x3Plugin 
MiscPrimitivePlugin Mpeg3Plugin RePlugin SecurityPlugin SerialPlugin 
SocketPlugin SoundCodecPlugin SoundGenerationPlugin SoundPlugin 
StarSqueakPlugin SurfacePlugin UUIDPlugin

External plugins:
DESPlugin FFIPlugin FT2Plugin MD5Plugin SHA256Plugin

Plugins not built:
ClipboardExtendedPlugin DBusPlugin FileCopyPlugin ImmX11Plugin 
InternetConfigPlugin MacMenubarPlugin NewsqueakIA32ABIPlugin 
NewsqueakIA32ABIPluginAttic QuicktimePlugin RomePlugin 
SlangTestSupportPlugin SlangTestSupportSSIP TestOSAPlugin UnixAioPlugin 
UnixOSProcessPlugin Win32OSProcessPlugin XDisplayControlPlugin


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