[squeak-dev] Monticello issues

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Mar 23 22:07:06 UTC 2011

On 23.03.2011, at 22:49, Chris Muller wrote:

> I don't see how the update process could avoid
> downloading full mcz's if that's what we're posting to the trunk.

You only upload MCZs to source.squeak.org.

When updating using a config, your image will request an MCD that is the diff from your currently loaded version to the one to be loaded. The source server generates the diff (unless it has it cached already) and delivers it. Applying this MCD to the image will avoid taking a snapshot of the image package first. This makes updating using Monticello about as fast as using a changeset stream (provided your in-image package is not dirty, otherwise a full snapshot and merge is performed).

- Bert -

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