Who's running (Re: board candidacy (was: Re: [squeak-dev] [ANN] Squeak Oversight Board Election 2011!!!))

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Mar 24 10:45:44 UTC 2011

On 24.03.2011, at 11:11, David Corking wrote:

> Are the existing SOB members automatic candidates unless they say otherwise?

Not automatically, they have to declare they are running again.

FWIW, I'm willing to serve again. So consider me a candidate.

I always have less time for Squeak than I'd like, but I made it to almost every Board meeting. I gave Squeak talks at ESUG in Barcelona, and at SCaLE9x in L.A. Most of the little spare-time I could spend coding went into Etoys, but at least I'm occasionally posting to squeak-dev ;) I'd be honored to get re-elected.

That said, I'd like to encourage more folks to run. It really is not much "work" - we meet twice a month for an hour, and do the rest by email.

It was very refreshing to get Chris and Juan on board (pun intended), so I'm looking forward to have new members.

Also, please encourage others to step up, privately or on-list. I'm pretty sure some need just a little "nudge". Or just nominate someone you would like to see on the board.

- Bert -

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