[squeak-dev] I am running for the 2011 board

Casey Ransberger casey.obrien.r at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 22:28:16 UTC 2011

Jecel! Thank you for running.

Hey while we're thinking about a small clean modular Squeak, I strongly recommend looking at what Juan has done with Cuis. It's *really* nice, and it's small and it's clean. I really wish we had something like Cuis after running #unloadAllKnown on Squeak. 

As far as modularity goes, have you checked out Environments? I think if we decouple the OmniBrowser bits from it, we'll have a namespacing mechanism that's actually real and works in Pharo today. I got it to mostly work in Squeak without *that* much hacking too, so I know it's doable. Not sure how much work is baked into freeing it from OB though. 

On Mar 25, 2011, at 3:14 PM, "Jecel Assumpcao Jr." <jecel at merlintec.com> wrote:

> I am running for re-election for the Squeak Oversight Board. Though I
> don't have a single line of code in any official Squeak release, I have
> been around since the beginning and feel that I have been able to
> contribute a bit as the group's historian. This was particularly true in
> the 2009 board with the relicensing effort. For 2010 my participation
> was smaller (mostly deleting the spam from the board's blog :-)
> For 2011, I would like to see a 4.3 release early in the second half of
> this year with a parallel effort to create a modular Squeak 5.0 (for
> late this year or early next year), which has been a goal since at least
> the late 1990s. This could be based on Craig Latta's Spoon project, if
> Craig feels that the time is right for that. If not, then I would like
> to work on this myself starting around October (supposing I finish my
> PhD in September).
> I with to support the various Squeak related communities, such as
> OpenCobalt, Etoys, Scratch, whatever VPRI is doing, Dr. Geo, Seaside,
> Aida, SqueakNOS and so on. It would be great to evolve our technical
> base to make it easier for them to play together.
> Cheers,
> -- Jecel

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