[squeak-dev] SqueakSource bug?

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at angband.za.org
Sat Mar 26 21:06:50 UTC 2011


I had a great idea last night, that of reimplementing RSpec in 
Smalltalk. So I hacked up a basic implementation and just added a new 
project to SqueakSource.

But it turns out that someone else (Dave Astels and Keith Hodges) 
has/have already made such a project.

(a) I'd have expected an error on saving the project, and
(b) if you go to http://www.squeaksource.com/SSpec.html you'll see my 
commit uploaded (fine, because the repository's globally open), but at 
least temporarily the registration showed

     location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/SSpec'
     user: 'fbs'
     password: ''

(As a further nit, it'd be great if hitting Save looked like it did 
something, like redirecting to the project page afterwards.)


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