[squeak-dev] A Mystery! self flag: #ThisMethodShouldNotBeThere. "sd"

Casey Ransberger casey.obrien.r at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 01:32:44 UTC 2011

Ran into the below in Squeak 4.2. The method is present and almost unchanged
in Cuis, along with the flag, and it's there in Pharo too. I'm curious if
anyone knows S.D., or why S.D. thinks #ThisMethodShouldNotBeThere. Nothing
like a good mystery! CC'd a couple folks who could be S.D. (Ray is sD on

I was tempted to simply append

self flag: #OhReallyWhy? "cbr"

...and ship it off to all three forks just to be a stinker, but I resolved
to send this email instead;)

PositionableStream>>fileInAnnouncing: announcement
"This is special for reading expressions from text that has been formatted
with exclamation delimitors. The expressions are read and passed to the
Compiler. Answer the result of compilation.  Put up a progress report with
     the given announcement as the title."

| val |
displayProgressAt: Sensor cursorPoint
from: 0
to: self size
[:bar |
[self atEnd] whileFalse:
[bar value: self position.
self skipSeparators.
 [ | chunk |
val := (self peekFor: $!)
ifTrue: [(Compiler evaluate: self nextChunk logged: false) scanFrom: self]
[chunk := self nextChunk.
self checkForPreamble: chunk.
Compiler evaluate: chunk logged: true]]
on: InMidstOfFileinNotification
do: [:ex | ex resume: true].
self skipStyleChunk].
self close].
"Note:  The main purpose of this banner is to flush the changes file."
SmalltalkImage current logChange: '----End fileIn of ' , self name , '----'.
*self flag: #ThisMethodShouldNotBeThere.** **"sd"*
Smalltalk forgetDoIts.
Casey Ransberger
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