[squeak-dev] The 2011 Squeak board election

Enrico Spinielli enrico.spinielli at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 28 07:53:47 UTC 2011

I join you in thinking OMeta could be a great addition to core Squeak,
expecially every time I have to implement a
    XYZZY class>>readFrom: aStream
for a non-trivial class.
A look at Date, Number will provide some evidence of potential use
for OMeta with a _readable_ grammar specification.

On the downside, what I found weak in OMeta is exception/error handling...
(any suggestions or pointers to solutions in this area are appreciated.)

Finally, Nikolay you'll get my vote!

On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 18:00, Nikolay Suslov <nsuslovi at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello!
> I'd like to throw my hat in the ring for the coming 2001 Squeak board
> election.
> Admiring and putting a very high hopes on what VPRI does these days,
> thinking that the moment has come and we could have some of it's public
> available projects (OMeta, Worlds) being included in the current mainstream
> Squeak. OMeta is a new object-oriented language for pattern matching, thus
> it could be used in a lot of places in the current Squeak, while
> generalising and simplifying a lot of things (XML parsing, styling, working
> with files and browsers, ect) just today!
> Another task, I wanted to be realised with OMeta, is getting the localised
> Smalltalk language programming support for non-english speakers. And the
> long term goal, is making modular Squeak trough Yoshiki's
> SqueakBootstrapper.
> Getting the green light to these novel projects in the current more or less
> stable Squeak 4.x today, could really bring closer all the known forks and
> projects, like EToys, Croquet/Cobalt, LivelyKernel, ect. and will prepare
> the Squeak to it's future, meaning: an upcoming Ian Piumarta's COLA
> architecture.
> Best regards,
> Nikolay Suslov
> http://www.krestianstvo.org
> http://nsuslovi.blogspot.com

Enrico Spinielli
"Do Androids dream of electric sheep?"— Philip K. Dick
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