[squeak-dev] I'm running

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 12:18:03 UTC 2011

If it's not too late, I'd like to run for the board.

It's a pity Andreas is not standing again. With him you always felt 
Squeak had a bright future. He's inspiring.

My platform is:

modularity: I'd like to see a small, bootable image. Eliot said some 
great things about his exploration of MicroSqueak. I think that may be 
the way to go.

greater amity with Pharo and VPRI: I don't advocate adopting their code 
willy-nilly. But I think we should all be aware of what Cola, Worlds, 
OMeta, PetitParser, Opal, and Ocean are. The more aware we are of other 
people's work, then the more informed we can be about what kind of 
Squeak to make.

A few things about me. In the past 18 months I've put seven hours of 
movies on YouTube. I went to the Deep Into Smalltalk school two weeks 
ago in Lille. I'll be going to ESUG in August.

my stake: I'm building a simple page maker called GreenNeon, which is a 
Seaside 2.6 canvas with an HttpView2 core. It's four class categories. 
With WebClient/WebServer (as a fifth) you have all you need to make web 
pages. I'm rewriting SMServer in GreenNeon, as an exercise to assure 
myself GreenNeon does all I need. I'll be doing something business-y in 
2012 with GreenNeon. I figure a host where people used Monticello to 
deploy web pages would be cool. The code is uploaded to the repo and 
automatically loaded into the image. So, you'd press Save, press refresh 
on your browser, and then see  you're site online.

documentation: I'm all about this. I'll be making more movies, but maybe 
not on YouTube. And I figure I'll be reaching out to the C++/ Java world 
with a tag line like:

Want to be a better C++/Java programmer?
Build a webiste in Smalltalk.

That kind of thing.

So that's what I'm about. I'd like to be on the board. I'd benefit 
hugely from it. And, if I may say, I think I can curb the slight 
insularity of our community just by sitting in on the meetings. A lack 
of technical expertise is not our problem, I'd say.

Oh, one more thing. A few years ago I'd have said Seaside was the future 
of Smalltalk. I don't believe that anymore: the future of Smalltalk is 

Thanks for your time,


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