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Thanks for questions, I'll try to be as clear as possible.

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 8:19 PM, Hannes Hirzel <hannes.hirzel at>wrote:

> Do you think to use this as a base to develop a word processor in
> Squeak, or a desktop publishing system, or to revive the 'Dynabook
> dynamic essay' idea?

Everything what is connected with Dynamic essays, LObjects, Lesserphic, Text
Field Spec for LObjects, Franc, ect. is completely covered by VPRI team and
their domain of exploration, development and deployment.
So, the idea is not in getting these great yet unfinished projects and
integrating them in Squeak just right now as is. In reality we could just
looking on what is happened there from the side, by reading the reports,
articles and self exploring the code. Someone could consider VPRI projects
as the main development's vector for the future of Squeak related
activities, I am stating on that point of view too.
That is why, "not to be left behind the scene" we need to develop Squeak by
using the technologies, hidden behind all these projects. And furthermore we
are luckily! OMeta and Worlds are quit ready to use since 2010.

> >> there are many of working OMeta's examples for Squeak (ForAll language,
> >> SpecParser, Nile), Worlds are also presented there and it is an
> updatable
> >> image.
> Could you specify the links more precisely?

Yes, all links are accessible at VPRI

> Another is Yoshiki's SqueakBootStrapper image with
> >> BootStrapEncoder/parser and of course: OMeta/JS wiki.
> >> Now thinking, that we need to ask the VPRI team for official permission
> on
> >> using and experimenting with these stuff in Squeak, especially
> concerning
> >> to the image side parts of "Mochi" system. Bert, may be you could bring
> >> some clearance on this, please?
> >
> >
> > It's released under MIT, which means you don't need to ask specific
> > permission (but note that I am only a contractor to VPRI, cannot speak
> for
> > them).
> >
> This is a lot -- where you do think you would like to focus on?
First, making OMeta as the default preloaded package in Squeak. Then,
review, redefine the parts in Squeak where patten matching and parsing is
needed, reimplementing them using OMeta. Adopting existed programmer's tools
for easily using of OMeta language, while working with source code
(transcription, annotation, localisation, etc). Exploring, how "Undo"
operation could be implemented in current Squeak using Worlds. And more..


> --Hannes
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