[squeak-dev] I will run in the Squeak Oversight Board election

Merik Voswinkel macmerik at xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 30 14:42:20 UTC 2011

Dear Squeakers,

I will run in the Squeak Oversight Board election.

My name is Merik Voswinkel and I have been involved with Squeak
since 1997. Although I don't have a single line of code in any official
Squeak release (yet), I feel that I have been able to contribute a bit  
my efforts to get funding for Squeak programmers and in describing
new applications and possible future extensions to Squeak.

My contribution to the Squeak Oversight Board last year was to offer
hosting mirrors of all the websites, ftp, wiki, and Monticello  
I build up a large collection of files for a Squeak museum.

If I am elected I would like to continue stimulating the merging of the
separate code bases of OpenCobalt, Etoys, Scratch, Ometa, Worlds,
RoarVM, SqueakNOS, Cuis, Seaside, Pier, Pharo, Aida, Morphic III,
Croquet and many others.
Now that the organizational structure of the Squeak organization is
completed, I want to contribute on getting funding for future Squeak
projects to further strengthen the health of the Squeak trunk image.
I am writing an extensive 'Future directions for Squeak: messages
all the way down' paper as a step towards creating a scalable
modular parallel distributes Squeak in line with the teachings of
Alan Kay.

I maintain a large number of LinkedIn groups for professional Squeakers.
I hosted and participated in weekly group Skype conferences, a great
way to collaborate, lecture, tutor and pair program and would like to
introduce that to the Squeak community.
I hope that soon we can replace Skype with OpenCobalt for this.

To demonstrate my deep interest in the success of Squeak I need
to tell you a bit about my work on Squeak hardware en software.
I founded Morphle, a research institute and a small startup company
with Jecel. We are working to release SiliconSqueak this year, a many-
core microprocessor that can execute bytecodes so it can run a Squeak
image directly. It is reprogrammable to allow for special ALU matrix,
graphics and floating point processors.
We are building Morph, a scalable Squeak supercomputer and Morphy,
a cheap parallel touchpad for children in spirit of the Dynabook.
We offer hosting of Seaside, Pier, Cobalt, Lively Kernel on the internet
that we hope will evolve into a complete cloud platform.

I had intended to run next year, after the release of SiliconSqueak. By
then people would know about my work in Squeak and would know where
I stand on issues. If you want me to go into more details before the  
I would be happy to write some more on future directions for Squeak.


-- Merik

About our research and startup:

About me:
http://www.linkedin.com/in/merikvoswinkel (in Dutch, written by others)

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