[squeak-dev] Re: Ometa vs XTreams PEG as Squeak core (was Re: Ometa)

Nikolay Suslov nsuslovi at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 12:35:17 UTC 2011


On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 4:16 PM, Levente Uzonyi <leves at elte.hu> wrote:

> On Thu, 31 Mar 2011, Nikolay Suslov wrote:
>  OMeta - is not yet another "system tool" written for Squeak or another
>> fork,
>> in contrary to XTreams (a generalized stream/iterator framework written in
>> Smalltalk) burned in Pharo. OMeta is a language which allows to simplify
>> an
> I don't know what you mean by "burned in Pharo", but XTreams was originally
> written in VisualWorks and then ported to Squeak/Pharo.

Sorry, that's Gmail's check spelling fault and my too.
I meant: XTreams was borned in Pharo (not burned :)

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