[squeak-dev] SmalltalkHub news

Nicolas Petton petton.nicolas at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 18:33:41 UTC 2011


We've been very quiet about SmalltalkHub's development since ESUG 2011.
It's not that we didn't work on it, but there was no significant new
feature to show.

Part of the work was to make SmalltalkHub run smoothly on GemStone/S as
well as under Squeak/Pharo, and allow pluggable persistency strategies
instead of the hard-coded SandStoneDB persistency. We also took into
account all the feedback we got and implemented several of the asked
features and fixed reported issues:

- RSS feeds for project activity and commits
- markdown fixes
- issue tracker improvements
- better looking and more useful timeline events
- loading indicators when necessary
- project cloning fixes

We are currently preparing a public demo of SmalltalkHub. It should be
online after this weekend. 

This demo will be running on GemStone/S, will have many UI improvements
and the usual bug fixes. Some features like project cloning and the
scripting engine may not be available depending on the time we get.


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