[squeak-dev] Fwd: [FOSDEM 2012] Devroom accepted: Smalltalk, Sunday 2012-2-5, Brussels

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Fri Nov 11 09:29:21 UTC 2011

Dear Smalltalking Friends,

Please tell me what you'd like to happen there.
We have a good opportunity to show why we
believe in smalltalk.

I can do a 'Back to the future, (re)learning smalltalk'


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Pascal Bleser <pbleser at fosdem.org>
> Date: 10 november 2011 23:58:43 GMT+01:00
> To: Stephan Eggermont <stephan at stack.nl>
> Cc: devrooms at fosdem.org
> Subject: [FOSDEM 2012] Devroom accepted: Smalltalk
> Reply-To: devrooms at fosdem.org
> Hi Stephan
> We've got good news, as we have accepted and planned your
> request for a developer room at FOSDEM 2012 for the following
> topic/project: Smalltalk
> We will provide you with the following:
> - room AW1.126 with 72 seats,
> - a video projector (VGA)
> - wireless internet,
> on Sunday 5th for 8 hours.
> If you prefer to decline this offer, please inform us as soon as
> possible.
> We must add that as in previous years, visitor interest will
> outnumber room capacity for most devrooms. We can not offer you
> larger rooms -- instead we will provide you with signalization
> to indicate that the room is full.
> We will have more rooms in total as compared to previous
> editions, so hopefully that will balance the crowd across the
> various areas of the venue.
> Regarding content and format, you are free to schedule your
> devroom as you wish (presentations, discussions, brainstorming,
> workshops, BOFs, hacking sessions, ...).
> Do allow us to repeat the obvious: FOSDEM is a FOSS community
> event, by and for the community, and the content and topics
> _must_ reflect that (arguably, that is pretty obvious). It is
> also a technical conference, as our view is that the very broad
> spectrum of Free and open source projects should work together
> rather than fighting religious wars -- at least when at FOSDEM
> -- and we would like you to respect that, especially given the
> very diverse palette of projects that are present at the event.
> We invite you to send out an open call for talks to relevant
> mailinglists, including fosdem at lists.fosdem.org.
> We will collect all call for talks and announce them on our
> website next week.
> We offer each of the devrooms a NAME-devroom at fosdem.org mailman
> mailinglist, in case you want to have a mailinglist "on neutral
> grounds". This can be especially interesting for devrooms that
> aggregate several projects.
> Contact us at devrooms at fosdem.org to take on this offer.
> We will most probably provide you with a tool (website) to send
> us the schedule containing all information necessary for the
> website and the booklet. More information on that later, as it
> is still work-in-progress. (Yeah, we said that last year too but
> it might actually work this time ;))
> The hours listed above are the schedulable hours. We recommend
> to plan the first 15min or so with a little welcome talk so you
> can prepare the first "real" speaker (network, connect to video
> projector, etc...). We can also open the room a bit earlier for
> preparations. We expect the rooms to be empty 30 minutes after
> the last talk on your schedule, as we need to clean the rooms up
> and close them with the security staff.
> For stocking material overnight, we have a large room in the H
> building ("Ferrer", next to the Infodesk) that will be locked
> from Saturday 18:00 to Sunday 09:00. However, there is no
> insurance whatsoever and we take no responsibility for stolen or
> damaged goods, even though there is a security team at the
> venue, including during the night.
> For us, you are the devroom responsible. This means that we will
> communicate everything through you, and you will be the one we
> will poke for information ;)
> Also, during the weekend, we want you to do good housekeeping of
> the room:
> - we will offer trash bags for the garbage, and we would very
>  much welcome not finding garbage lying around in the room when
>  you leave (simply draw the attention of the crowd in your
>  devroom on that point on a regular basis),
> - there is a limit on the room capacity that may not be exceeded
>  (by much) for obvious security reasons.
> Please understand that we are a non for profit association, and
> that every single organization team member works on FOSDEM
> during their spare time. As such, it would be very nice if we
> didn't have to spend several hours cleaning up the devrooms, and
> it is just a very small amount of work for the attendees to put
> their garbage into the trash bags. We will supply each room with
> a sufficient amount of the latter.
> The deadline for sending in the full schedule will be Saturday
> 2012-01-21, so we advise you to decide on the content by the
> turn of the year or earlier (earlier = more time for
> participants to book their arrangements for travel and stay).
> We don't do that to put you artificially under pressure but,
> instead, in order to have the complete schedule to present to
> visitors and on the various mobile applications for the FOSDEM
> schedule, as well as to include your devroom schedule into the
> booklet. There are 21 sessions in parallel at all times during
> the event and, hence, if you would like to draw some crowd of
> interested contributors, it does help when it's on the schedule
> :)
> Lastly, we wish to clarify that there are no reimbursements of
> travel or hotel costs for devroom organizers/speakers on our
> behalf. The idea behind the devrooms is that we provide the
> infrastructure (room, video projector, wifi internet uplink) for
> free to Free and open source projects, and your job is to spread
> a public or internal call for papers to your respective
> community, collect those proposals, compose a schedule, and
> provide us with that information.
> You are of course free to find your own sponsors to fund costs
> for participants, but they will not be endorsed as "FOSDEM
> sponsors" and hence not listed in the sponsors section on our
> website.
> And, of course, if you have any questions, please do not
> hesitate to contact us at devrooms at fosdem.org
> For urgent matters, you may also contact me (Pascal Bleser) on
> my mobile: +32 486 071035 -- I speak French and German as native
> languages and English fluently. Please keep in mind that I live
> in the CET timezone though :)
> Looking forward to your participation,
> On behalf of the FOSDEM team,
> -- 
> Pascal Bleser <loki at fosdem.org>       http://fosdem.org/
> FOSDEM 2012 ::: 4 + 5 February 2012 in Brussels, Belgium
> Free and Opensource Software Developers European Meeting

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