[squeak-dev] [ANN] New Squeak and SqueakCore

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Nov 11 12:37:15 UTC 2011

On 11.11.2011, at 11:08, Edgar J. De Cleene wrote:

> Folks here you have the links
> http://ftp.squeak.org/4.3alpha/Squeak4.3alpha-11777.zip
> http://ftp.squeak.org/4.3alpha/SqueakCore4.3alpha-11722.zip
> SqueakCore was build from Squeak4.3alpha-11777.


> In the procedure I have DNU because Stacks I choose solve commenting ONE LINE and saving Morphic-edc.588.mcz

A better way would not be commenting that line, because it still is needed when someone actually uses a stack. A real refactoring would be better, but as an interim solution this should work:

addStackMenuItems: menu hand: aHandMorph
	"Add appropriate stack-related items to the given menu"

	(self respondsTo: #isStackBackground) ifFalse: [^self].
	self isStackBackground
			[menu add: 'card & stack...' target: self action: #presentCardAndStackMenu]

That's because #isStackBackground is added by the Etoys package, so if that is not present, you get the DNU.

Better yet, addStackMenuItems:hand: and its related methods like presentCardAndStackMenu should be moved to the Etoys package so they can be cleanly unloaded. Some mechanism needs to exist to hook them in (using #respondsTo: is simplest but less elegant).

> Maybe it’s time to discuss how SqueakCore should be in the future.


> The other guys have a bootable ISO and we still in nap mode....
> Edgar

Not sure what you're referring to.

- Bert -

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