[squeak-dev] [ANN] SqueakSource 3 RC 1

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Wed Nov 16 15:55:00 UTC 2011

Dear All,

I hereby release SqueakSource 3 RC 1 to the public.
I wasn't able to come up with a nice name this time, so
it is just 'the Release Candidate' :)

Thanks to Dale, Norbert, and Philippe for their support, to many
I met at ESUG'11 who gave good inspiration and anybody who listened
and helped.

Improvements since the Beta:
- Backgrounding does not fork but use a separate process on Squeak; Service VM on GS.

- New feature: "well known name" for a Repo, like Squeaksource or gemsource...
	(So, that 
	Gofer new gemsource: … can be used in the Repo strings on the project sites)

- Improvements in Sitemap building, XML-parser not required, plain Seaside
- Pick up newer versions of several, esp. gemstone projects. Email support should be back now.
- Fix display of "news" section
- Fix for #9: Sorting of Projects can be confusing.
- Fix: by default, non-world-read projects are not visible, now.
- Fix for #7: "Tags" link responds with MessageNotUnderstood page
- Fix for #22: SSProject>>versionAdded: forks a process
- Fix for #23: Sitemap generation fails
- Fix for #24: SSVersionAlreadyExists thrown by SSVersionView>>move:to: but not handled...
- Fix for #27: MNU #ifNotEmpty: in SSEmailSubscription >> versionAdded:to: nukes gem
- Fix for #29: add "breathing space" in tables'.
- HTTP DELETE for versions (e.g., for future Monticello tool usage)
- more tests.

The (up to now) sole instance is the HPI’s Software Architecture Group’s Squeaksource,
wich is not open to registration at the moment. However, I hope the GemStone
ss3 instance will be migrated soon (http://ss3.gemstone.com)

Install it yourself!

Gofer new 
	squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository'; 
	package: 'ConfigurationOfSqueakSource'; 
((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfSqueakSource) project version: '3.0-rc.1') load: #('All')

Installer ss
	project: 'MetacelloRepository'; 
	load: 'ConfigurationOfSqueakSource'. 
((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfSqueakSource) project version: '3.0-rc.1') load: #('All')
GemStone (with ProjectGofer, else like pharo):
Gofer project load: 'SqueakSource' version: '3.0-rc.1' group: #('All').

To come:
• more tests
• moving and copying via backend (i.e., HTTP request)
• inboxes
• branch projects
• (converting squeaksource.com to a SqueakSource3 ;) )

I hope you like it.


PS: Did you know that
• you can get a personal rss stream of your ‘favourite’ projects? (like following on github)
• you can set up parent projects for your projects and automatically move all your packages there?
• you can extend SqueakSource quite easily? (Example: Issues)
• you can install a stripped down version on SqueakSource? (e.g., without Issue tracking, Statistics or filesystem support)

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